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Yoga for runners with kayla hall


November 17 | 2-3:30 | $25

Learn more about how your yoga practice can benefit your ability to run. Join Kayla in a workshop dedicated to the practice of yoga and its benefits for running, with in-depth explanation for how our muscles work together as we run. Increase your ability for recovery and easy breathing. Lets play together!

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nourish with plants & yoga: alyson macLatchy

Lotus Town Yoga | December 2 | 2-4pm | $25

Join Aly MacLatchy of Gratefully Rooted for an experiential afternoon learning about plant based nourishment. We will open the space and ground into ourselves though the practice of yoga asana & meditation. This practice will be open to all levels and will invite us to more deeply listen to the wisdom of our bodies and our plant friends. We will sample herbal teas and discuss how whole plant medicine serves us as whole people - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will be able to sample all of my topical products and I will lead a self-massage practice using the facial salve, the healing salve, and the arnica and cayenne salve. There will be time for questions too! I hope you can join me. I can't wait to share with you.

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Approachable Anatomy: Get to know your spine!

Lotus Town Yoga | 2-4:30 | $30 | with Tiffany Coombs

Basic understanding of the way the body works leads to extraordinary ability to move with greater intelligence and bring more mindfulness to your daily habits. Enjoy an approachable and applicable anatomy study presented in a way that will help you gain intellectual AND embodied knowledge that you can take with you into the world. 
This workshop will include basic spinal anatomy, major muscles in the back, and most importantly, how to strengthen key muscles in order to support spinal health. 

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Pathway to lasting joy with Nasrin Barbic

Lotus Town Yoga | December 16 | 2-4 | $35

“So often when we are in a search for better relationships, jobs, good friends and life in general, we look for them outside of ourselves. We search for the one who can make us happy, the perfect job, the perfect friend and so on. And there are times that we think we got it all, until we wake up to our reality. Four years ago, I woke up in a seemingly perfect life, feeling unhappy and confused. I became curious, how did I get here? And how can I get myself out of this? My journey took me to yoga and life coaching. And what I learned in the process transformed my life. People often think their experience is coming at them from the outside in, but it’s actually coming through them from the inside out. Please join me on December 16 for Pathway to Lasting Joy Workshop as we discuss ways we can cultivate that unshakable sense of wellbeing.”

-Nasrin Barbic

During this workshop, you will learn:

Why happiness is so elusive

The Relationship between happiness and Joy

Three Powerful ways to cultivate our joy

The one thing I learned that changed my life forever

*** Bring your curiosity, open mind and yoga mat ***

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