FAQ: How far should my feet be from my hands in Down Dog?

Do you find yourself adjusting your feet during your vinyasa- going through your plank, chaturanga, cobra/upward facing dog, downward facing dog? Do you feel unsure about the distance between your hands and your feet? Do you just feel a little “off” in the pose?

You are not alone. I’ve only recently solved this problem in my own Down Dog and would love to share my findings!

Let your downward facing dog get long. Longer than you think it should be. Let go of the notion that your knees need to be straight and your heels need to touch the ground and focus on creating space in your upper body.


Don’t move your feet after your backbend! Aside from flipping from the tops of your feet to the balls of your feet, keep them in place. Trust. You don’t need to move them. Stick your butt out slightly, push through your hands, and send your hips high with slightly (or more than slightly) bent knees. You will find yourself in a Down Dog that feels too long. Once you get used to it, notice how your back and shoulders feel. Ideally, the pressure is lessened in the wrists and shoulders and the lower back feels spacious and free. In addition to these benefits, your practice will become more efficient because your feet are already where they need to be throughout that entire vinyasa.

Give it a try and let me know how to goes!

Tiffany Coombs