Customized Yoga- Just For You!

Have you ever wished for a class that was designed just for you? A class to do a little more exploring or a little more refining? A class that could be tailored to suit your unique needs? Consider a private session with one of our amazing teachers

Private sessions serve many different purposes. Maybe you are new  to yoga and would like to receive one-on-one instruction to develop confidence and basic understanding of vinyasa yoga. Maybe you prefer practicing alone or with a small group of friends. Maybe there is a pose or set of poses that you are working on and would like the opportunity to receive specific pointers and the time to explore. No matter the reason, private yoga sessions can play a valuable role in your yoga practice.


Working one on one isn’t the only way to receive more specialized instruction. You are welcome to bring a friend or loved one along for a fun and healthy way to spend time together or to learn the basics with a buddy.


Therapeutic yoga offers specific healing techniques and exercises in order to help you achieve optimal health. It is perfect for those with chronic illness or pain, those recovering from injury or illness, or those looking to learn more about the inner workings of the body and breath from a more anatomical perspective. We will go through a series of range of motion and postural assessments in order to look at what is tight, what is weak, what is out of balance in order to understand what's going on before moving forward with a plan. 

Specialties include:

Back pain


disc herniation

neck pain

core strength

shoulder pain/ instability

post-natal recovery





chronic fatigue syndrome

chronic illness

stress management

No matter what the reason, we are here to help you with your specific needs! We look forward to working with you soon!

Tiffany Coombs